Utrecht 1982 – part 3

Still working on the ‘big’ project mentioned in my previous post. In the meantime I might be posting some Cure in Holland discoveries every now and then. This month a new book about The Cure called ‘A Perfect Dream’ by Ian Gittins was released through publishing company Palazzo. I have not read it yet. Just browsed through it. It looks like a nice, big coffee table kind of reference book. It also contains many beautiful (sometimes full page) photos, some of which I hadn’t seen before.

On page 70 there is a great full page picture of The Cure threepiece lineup in 1982 style, posing in front of a map on the wall (snippet on the left/above). I came to look at this map. The outlines of the neighbourhoods looked so familiar. Then I recognised some details and suddenly realised this is the city map of my hometown Utrecht! 😀 On page 83 there is a smaller picture also in front of this map which must be from the same session. Judging from the clothes and the location I suppose they are from the same shoot as the famous sculpture picture, probably on the eve of The Cure’s concert at Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht on 10 May 1982. Maybe the pictures in front of the map were taken inside the Holiday Inn hotel? Picture credits: Gentlelook.

Utrecht 1982 – the sculpture picture

Today exactly 35 years ago The Cure played at the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in my hometown Utrecht. It was then and there where this well-known picture of The Cure was taken. However, I only realised this about ten years ago!

One day I was cycling along the backside of Utrecht Central Station, when I suddenly recognised this sculpture in combination with the sports hall behind it as the setting for this Cure photo. The sculpture is called ‘De Reis‘ (1971), which means ‘The Journey’. It is a creation of artist Paul Kingma.

At the time this part of the city was a bit of a concrete jungle. Across the street there is a hotel, formerly the Holiday Inn. Possibly The Cure were staying there for their gig of 10 May 1982. I imagine on the evening of the concert they went outside and took this photo shoot. The first two pictures below are from 2010 when it still looked quite the same as in 1982. The surroundings of the station have changed drastically since then, in a positive sense. The third picture shows how it looks today. The area is still under construction. Unfortunately the sculpture has been removed. No idea where it is now. We should ask the municipality to put it back because it’s a sacred place for Cure fans 😉

For a full retrospective coverage of the Pornography Tour 1982, please visit this great blog from my friend Guillaume.


Utrecht 1982

Robertoutside82The European leg of the Pornography Tour started in Rotterdam on 5 May 1982. From 5 to 10 May The Cure played six dates in six cities in the Netherlands, before proceeding to Belgium, Germany and France. For a change, most of the Dutch shows were booked at rather large classical music venues, like De Doelen in Rotterdam and De Vereeniging in Nijmegen. The last concert in Holland, on 10 May 1982, was at a classical concert hall as well, the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht.

For many Cure fans, Pornography is their favourite album. But the tour promoting that album wasn’t that successful at all.