Tuschinski – Show

Recently, Time Out published a top 50 of the most beautiful cinemas in the world. Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam, opened in 1921, is at number 1. Time Out describes it as an ‘elegant mash-up of art deco and art nouveau styles with sleek modernist touches’.

On 11 September 1993, Tuschinski was the scene for the screening of The Cure’s concert film Show, just before the release of this live album/video. There were several cinema screenings all over the world. But as far as I know, this was the only one in the Netherlands. Show captured The Cure on their successful Wish Tour in 1992. It was filmed over two nights in Auburn Hills, near Detroit, towards the end of the American leg.

Show at Tuschinski was a night screening, starting at quarter to one in the morning. I remember at the beginning it was all pretty neat. But after a couple of songs (and probably drinks) the atmosphere became more lively. Gradually, some Cure fans ventured a dance on the stage in front of the big cinema screen. I think by Just Like Heaven half of the room was on stage dancing and pogoing. So in the end, The Cure provided a healthy anarchic touch to this majestic and legendary filmtheatre.