Curious Creatures

Just in case you missed it, or forgot about it along the way, this is to draw attention once more to one of the most enjoyable podcasts of the moment: Curious Creatures. It is hosted by two post-punk icons, Lol Tolhurst and Budgie. Lol is of course co-founder and former member of The Cure. He started on drums and later switched to keyboards. Budgie is best known as the fantastic drummer of Siouxsie & the Banshees. He also formed a side-project with Siouxsie called The Creatures. After many years, the two found each other again. They are now working on several projects, one of which is this podcast. If you are a fan of these bands, and of course you are, this is a podcast for you. Also when you are a drummer, like me, you will enjoy it for sure.

Generally, the podcast offers pleasant chats between Lol and Budgie and often a guest. They talk about subjects as music, subculture and life in general. The guest can be a contemporary, but also someone from a completely different era or background. Lol and Budgie have a good chemistry and talent for telling amusing anecdotes, that give further insight into the history of the bands they were in and themselves as persons.

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