For Marcel and Nancy

Candle2A sad post. On Saturday August 1st 2015, long-time Dutch Curefans Marcel and Nancy were involved in a terrible car accident, which they did not survive. In the Netherlands, probably every Curefan knew Marcel. But also abroad he’s famous. With his impressive appearance, in full Cure style, you could recognise him from miles away. I’ve never really talked with Marcel and Nancy, I just knew them from Cure shows and new wave parties. They were always there. If you smiled at Marcel, he would smile back friendly. Marcel must be the biggest Curefan ever in Holland. Not only because he’s so tall, but also because of his huge love and endless loyalty for the band and their music. A friend of Marcel and Nancy wrote that a Cure concert will never be the same without them. They will be deeply missed… My thoughts are with Marcel and Nancy’s family, their friends and especially their two young girls.